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Public Procurement Guidelines (Nepal)

This set of concise guidelines is meant to provide an overview of the procurement process and to provide specific insight into commonly applicable articles and rules in order to enable health professionals to ascertain if the process has been followed properly prior to reaching a decision.

Exploring corruption in the South African health sector

This article discusses corruption in the South African health sector. The researchers used a combination of research methods and triangulated data from three sources: Auditor-General of South Africa reports for each province covering a 9-year period; 13 semi-structured interviews with health sector key informants and a content analysis of print media reports covering a 3-year period.

Public Procurement Indicators (World Bank)

The World Bank has developed a set of procurement indicators that can be used to monitor the implementation of electronic government procurement, or e-GP.

This document describes these WB indicators, and for each indicator identifies:
» what it attempts to measure
» the formula used to calculate its value, where possible
» what constitutes a “good” value for the indicator


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