Topic outline

  • Introduction

    This course gives you an introduction to the contracting process as OC4H see it. This will include an overview of the whole process, what each stage entails, what this may look like on the ground in country and finally how it relates specifically to health procurement.

    The course, including this introduction, is in 4 parts with one optional quiz and discussion at the end. 

    Please read through each section before continuing to the next section.

    Contents of this course:

    1. Introduction

    2. The Contracting Process

    3. Case Study: Health Contracting Process in Uganda

    4.  One Quick Question

  • The Health Contracting Process

    Public procurement is : All the planning, tendering information, awards, contracts and contract implementation information related to a single initiation process.

    Not all contracting processes have all stages. For example, direct contracting may start with the award of a contract. However, there will still be information that can be disclosed about the budgets, specifications and selection process even in this case. Open Contracting data ideally should be published close to real-time: releasing data as each stage of a contracting process takes place. The image below explains the process diagrammatically. Click on the blue text to expand examples of activities in each stage.






  • Case Study: Health Contracting Process in Uganda