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  • What is this Hub?

    Welcome to the Open Contracting for Health (OC4H) project's online Open Contracting hub developed with the Transparency International Health Initiative (TI-HI). To read more about us, click here.

    This resource is intended to do three things: 

    1. Provide an e-learning programme tailored to your needs.
    2. Enable cross-country discussion on implementation of Open Contracting and; 
    3. Host downloadable tools for Open Contracting

    Open Contracting is the process of openly publishing contracts to get the best value for money and most importantly, improved service delivery. With advances in technology, this can be done online in order to encourage all competition. 

    Examples of Open Contracting systems are Prozorro in Ukraine. Launched in 2016, as of February 2019, it is estimated to have saved as much as $2.9 Billion dollars and reduced corruption in procurement by 25%.  

    Who should use the OC-Hub?

    What do you get out of it?

  • Getting the Right Content

    When registering as a user on the OC-Hub, you are asked to select a number of options based on what you want to learn. These define which modules are presented on the front page and therefore your learning journey. 

    Dont worry though! Guests and authenticated users can still access all content by clicking the "all courses" button on the front page. However you wont have access to certain resources such as the OC4H certificate.

    if you would like to create an account click this link

  • Hub Courses

    There are four types of approaches to chapters in the OC-Hub

    1. the basics

    2 & 3. How To AND Deeper Dives

    4. The Data Lab

  • Discussion Hub

    The OC-Hub utilises a forum feature to enable discussion around topics relevant to Open Contracting. Most chapters will have a button containing that, when clicked on, takes the user to a discussion around a specific question.

    You can also add your own discussions and see all of the others by entering the general "Q&A Discussion", which lists all current threads. A button for this is on the home page as well as in the above "Tools" drop down bar

    Look out for buttons that look like the one to the right!

    But if your lost you can always find the discussion hub on the Homepage.

  • Tools, The OC-Hub App & Offline Use

    If you are a registered user, the OC-Hub contains several tools that can be downloaded from the tools bar towards the top of the screen. This contains different tools to help understand and implement Open Contracting. This will be updated as the OC4H project progresses.

    OC4hub app

    The OC-Hub is available as an app on all major smartphone devices. To download the app click on the "Tools" toolbar at the top of this course. After downloading, the app can be used offline meaning that you can complete and learn while on the move!

  • Quick Questionnaire for Improved Learning

    Please complete this short questionnaire intended to better tailor your learning experience.