Topic outline

  • What is the OC Hub?

    Welcome to the Open Contracting for Health (OC4H) project's online Open Contracting hub developed with the Transparency International Health Initiative (TI-HI). 

    This resource is intended to do three things: 

    1. Provide an e-learning programme tailored to your needs.
    2. Enable cross-country discussion on implementation of Open Contracting and; 
    3. Host downloadable tools for Open Contracting

    This platform is designed to be usable for anyone interested in Open Contracting as a topic, whether an observer with a casual interest or a hardcore coding implementer. Different modules (chapters), discussions and tools are available to people from different sectors (particularly civil society and government) and different levels of knowledge. 

    We are a health project but while used extensively in the examples, the OC-Hub does not focus solely on the health sector and therefore this platform will be useful for people from any sector. 

    After completion of the (short) assessments in the  9 main chapters, you will:

    • Have more knowledge on why open contracting is important in procurement
    • Be able to identify key steps and roles in the procurement cycle and have a better understanding of open contracting in public health procurement
    • Be able to use and analyse procurement data to improve value for money in your procurement system
    • have access to tools and knowledge to improve community monitoring of procurements
    • Certificate of Completion for Training in Open Contracting For Health

  • Hub Courses

    There are four types of approaches to chapters in the OC Hub. Each gives you a different level of depth. The first 6 chapters, "The Basics", give a general introduction, while deeper dives and data chapters give more detailed and tailored content

    These are the six core chapters of the OC Hub and give the user an opportunity to learn about the basics of open contracting, including benefits and concepts. They are available to guests and should not take very long to complete. You will learn through them What open contracting is, its place in the broader procurement process, its connection to service delivery at several levels and key elements of open contracting that make it sustainable and successful.

    These are the courses tailored to the background of the OC-Hub user based on assessments conducted under the Open Contracting for Health project. Government orientated users will learn more about how to use Open Contracting to generate more efficiency and improve processes while CSO oriented users will learn the basics on how to advocate for open contracting as well as an in-depth course on how to initiate contract monitoring as a non-state actor.
    As more content from different countries is uploaded, these courses will be updated. 

    The "Data Lab" courses provide a skills based introduction to the Open Contracting Data Standard and relevant coding. This can be useful for any sector that wants to understand the coding behind a lot of Open Contracting. There is also a specific chapter on how to do simple market analysis using Open Contracting data

  • Discussion Hub

    The OC-Hub utilises a forum feature to enable discussion around topics relevant to Open Contracting. Most chapters will have a button containing that, when clicked on, takes the user to a discussion around a specific question.

    You can also add your own discussions and see all of the others by entering the general "Q&A Discussion", which lists all current threads. A button for this is on the home page as well as in the above "Tools" drop down bar

    Look out for buttons that look like the one to the right!

    But if your lost you can always find the discussion hub on the Homepage.

  • Tools, The OC-Hub App & Offline Use

    If you are a registered user, the OC-Hub contains several tools that can be downloaded from the Navigation Drawer, expandable by clicking the button on the top left of the screen. This contains different tools to help understand and implement Open Contracting. This will be updated as the OC4H project progresses.

    OC4hub app

    The OC-Hub is available as an app on all major smartphone devices. To download the icon at the top of the screen that looks like this:  . After downloading, the app can be used offline meaning that you can complete and learn while on the move!

  • Quick Questionnaire for Improved Learning

    Please complete this short questionnaire intended to better tailor your learning experience.