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Picture of Josselin Canevet

Josselin Canevet

Civil Society Organization (CSO)

A group of people operating in the community which is distinct from government and business.


Secret or illegal cooperation, malpractice or conspiracy done in order to deceive others.


Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. 

Electronic Government Procurement

Electronic Government Procurement (EGP) is the use of technology and the internet in particular, by the government in conducting their procurement for goods and services. 

Freedom of Information Laws

Laws granting the public access to information possessed by government agencies

Golden Triangle

In this context, the Golden Triangle refers to a theory of society, compromised of three groups: Government, Civil Society and Commercial platforms. Where these groups overlap provides the driver for change.


Giving preferential treatment or using influence in the interest of family members or friends.

Non Governmental Organizastion

A non-profit organization whom operates independently of government. 

Procurement Cycle

A cyclical process of key steps that need taken when procuring goods or services.


Ukrainian government E procurement system. 

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