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electronic auction

an iterative process that involves the use of electronic means for the presentation by suppliers of either new prices, or new values for quantifiable non-price elements of the tender related to the evaluation criteria, or both, resulting in a ranking or re‑ranking of tenders

Electronic Government Procurement

Electronic Government Procurement (EGP) is the use of technology and the internet in particular, by the government in conducting their procurement for goods and services. 


Extensions are on-demand addons to OCDS which allow procurement systems to record data currently outside the OCDS pervue. They will not be used in this project.


Former Value

The data provided in a particular field in a previous OCDS release.

Freedom of Information Laws

Laws granting the public access to information possessed by government agencies



An index of geographical data from which a code identifying a location can be drawn.

globally unique identifier

An identifier which is guaranteed to be unique amongst all identifiers used for a given type of entity across all OCDS publishers.

Golden Triangle

In this context, the Golden Triangle refers to a theory of society, compromised of three groups: Government, Civil Society and Commercial platforms. Where these groups overlap provides the driver for change.


In relation to the Open Contracting Data Standard, a good is a tangible object that may be acquired by a procuring agency.


Health System

(i) all the activities whose primary purpose is to promote, restore and/or maintain health24; (ii) the people, institutions and resources, arranged together in accordance with established policies, to improve the health of the population they serve, while responding to people’s legitimate expectations and protecting them against the cost of ill-health through a variety of activities whose primary intent is to improve health. 25

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