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public contracting

Contracting conducted by public entities.

public procurement

Procurement conducted by public entities.

public-private partnership

"A contract (institutional relationship) between public and private entities. 

publication pattern

The frequency, format and mechanism via which OCDS data is provided to users.


The organization or individual responsible for the publication of data. In OCDS this entity may be distinct from the buyer or procuring entity for a contracting process.



In relation to the Open Contracting Data Standard rationale is an explanation of the reason for an amendment to a contract or contracting process.


In relation to the Open Contracting Data Standard, a record is an OCDS document which compiles all of the information available about a contracting process and provides the latest value of each field in the OCDS schema. A record is updated each time a contracting process changes and includes links to each release relating to the contracting process.

red flag

Alert that shows an abnormal situation.


In relation to the Open Contracting Data Standard relationship describes the way in which two contracting processes are related.


An immutable OCDS document which provides an update about a contracting process.

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