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reusable tools

A software tool which either consumes or produces OCDS data.

review body

Agency in charge of assessing complaints and challenges to a procurement process, and determining an action based on these complaints and challenges.


In relation to the Open Contracting Data Standard, role refers to how an organization or other participant was involved in the contracting process.



Schema is code that enables a machine to read it more effectively

schema reference

More or less synonym of "documentation".


Intangible product that cannot be stored or transported.


One of the parties which signs a contract or document.


"A rule or set of rules or requirements which are widely agreed upon or imposed by government." (Wiktionary)

standing offer

A standing offer is an offer from a potential supplier to provide goods and/or services at pre-arranged prices, under set terms and conditions, when and if required. It is not a contract until the government issues a "call-up" against the standing offer.


In relation to the Open Contracting Data Standard, "status" is a code indicating the current situation of a part of the contracting process.

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