About Us

Transparency International’s Global Health Initiative (TI GH), builds on twenty years of experience, taking up the challenge of understanding and combatting corruption in health. TI PHP has been set up, with a purpose to achieve genuine change in the pharmaceutical & healthcare sector through promoting transparency, integrity and accountability.

Together with the Open Contracting Partnership and the World Health Organization, TI GH is implementing the DFID funded Open Contracting for Health (OC4H) project in countries in Sub Saharan Africa and South Asia as a way to ensure better use of scarce public funds for health. 

This will entail a strong alliance with national governments, health-related service providers and civil society organisations that together establish the so-called “golden triangle” needed for effective open contracting.

The OC4H Initiative will take place from October 2017 till April 2021 and will aim to increase transparency and efficiency in public health procurement through the following three outcomes:

  1. Build governments’ capacities to implement open contracting in public procurement.
  2. Facilitate the the use of open contracting  data by suppliers in health sector public procurement.
  3. Increase sustainable engagement of civil society in public procurement processes.

Last modified: Monday, 25 January 2021, 12:10 PM